Collection of my various poems #1

Inside my mind, I'm torn apart,
Two voices clash in constant war.

In each new day, we're born anew,
A cycle starts again, so true.
Beauty blooms, then fades away,
Curse descends before the break of day.
Life ebbs and flows in endless dance,
Our steps repeat, our spirit never wanes.
Each breath we take is but a loan,
We borrow time until our tale has flown.
But love endures, a constant light,
Through all our cycles, day and night.

In this tiny space, I gaze outside,
At towering structures reaching high,
Their glowing hues against the night,
A symphony of light that fills my sight.

Amidst the bustling city's din,
I pause and let my soul begin,
To breathe, to dream, to simply be,
As urban chaos ebbs and flows around me.

Whispers in the dark,
A chorus of fears,
Echoes in my mind,
As tears I shed with tears.

Alone I am with doubt,
Anxiety my guide,
In this never-ending spiral,
I lose myself inside.

But still I hold on tight,
To hope and faith so dear,
For I know better days await,
Beyond this endless fear.

In darkness deep she wanders,
Lost within a land unknown,
Shadows dance around her feet,
A pathless maze she's grown.

Each step could lead to light,
Or leave her in the darkest night,
But still she journeys on with faith,
Determined through this labyrinthic state.

May she find solace soon,
And learn that shadows cannot keep,
For light will always chase them out,
And guide her back to where she seeks.

Oh girl so lost, hold fast your heart,
Your spirit shall not fall apart,
For brighter days are near at hand,
You simply must believe and stand.

In the stillness of winter's breath,
I trudge alone through white expanse;
Each footstep leaves a ghostly hearth
As darkness creeps across the land.

The sky ablaze with hues divine,
A fiery spectacle to see;
And as the sun bids farewell, sign,
My heart reflects its melancholy.

For even as the day departs,
My steps continue on their way;
Alone I wander through the arts,
Of beauty fading into gray.

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