Top 5 Creative Prompts - Midjourney


↑Prompt: Risograph woman looks like a flower

↑Prompt: Skeleton Astronaut, cosmic style, by moebius, satoshi kon and Peter Max

↑Prompt: Tourmaline crystals growing in space on an extraterrestrial planet held up by an alien, alien showing off space crystals reminiscent of tourmaline, 8k hyper detailed photorealistic

↑Prompt: A red plum blossom branch, jelly texture, glossy, 3 d rendering, white background, sometric, details, translucent, light pink, green and white and light blue, C4D, clean, high detail ,png

↑Prompt:   a beautiful illustration of a girl holding a cat, in the style of dark black and brown, kawaii chic, sarah andersen, minimalist nature studies, flickr, cartoon-like figures, halloween

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